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Enumerating Subdomains with simple Python Script

Hello Reader, Hope you are doing good. So, In this tutorial we are going to make a simple python script which enumerates subdomain. In this script we will use requests module of python so if it’s not installed in your system install it by typing command apt-get install requests on your terminal.

We will be using a wordlist which you can find here

import requests 
import sys 

sub_list = open("subdomains-1000.txt").read() 
subs = sub_list.splitlines()

for sub in subs:
    url_to_check = f"http://{sub}.{sys.argv[1]}" 

    except requests.ConnectionError: 
        print("Valid domain: ",url_to_check)

Now save this file as and wordlist in same folder and open your terminal in that folder.

Now type python3 to execute your script.

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