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Arishti Updates – 01

Hello reader,

My name is Animesh Roy, I kinda started “Arishti” with a vision of a community where everyone have something to learn and contribute. we started with our online sessions with various Cyber security topics. you can watch old archive recordings here: YouTube

feel free to reach us if you have any ideas! we love ideas!

– write us : [email protected]

recently we started our blog, where any one can from community can contribute, they can submit news, analysis reports(malware or ransomware), tutorials, CTF Write-ups or anything related to Info Sec.

As continuing this chain, now we open for video tutorials from you guys! YES, you can submit your video tutorials to us, and we will share them on our channel.

Upcoming next few weeks we will be opening up for more things as well. stay tuned!

Animesh Roy | [email protected]

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