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Microsoft begins to kill off Windows 10 support for 32-bit systems

Now new PCs will debut with 64-bit Windows 10
Microsoft’s decision to stop releasing 32-bit versions of Windows 10 means that manufacturers will be able to build new PCs and laptops with only 64-bit Windows versions. This will also convince chipmakers to leave support for 32-bit CPUs and eventually make 64-bit architecture as the only option in the market.

This change does not mean that Microsoft is no longer supporting 32-bit builds, as they will continue to do so in a limited manner.

With few users using continuing to use Windows 10 32-bit and almost all new equipment having 64-bit support, this change eliminates a whole range of potential issues and development conflicts that may arise by supporting both architectures.

It has been said that, Microsoft’s latest move is the first major step towards digging the 32-bit Windows 10 versions. It will also be the result of an expansion of Windows machines based on 64-bit hardware and software.

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